Yoga for the Soul

Yoga for the Soul

My yoga practice today inspired this blog! I get on myself because I don’t do yoga everyday like I would like and feel I’m supposed to. It’s so easy to just get distracted with usual business endeavors for the day. Not to mention being on the phone, and just letting the time slip away.

Yoga is very special and healing for me, I’m sure all practitioners would agree. It’s my equivalent of going to church, as there is always reflection of self and lessons to be learned. Usually I just put on a guided yoga practice through my Gaia subscription. Today my body said “you know what to do and I know what I need”. Therefore I let it flow. 



The Challenge

There is always a challenging moment in yoga. Emotions may come up, aligning your breath to movements, or tightness will be revealed. My perspective on challenges is that they should be hard and uncomfortable. Growing pains, they don't feel good, but they're worth it. Once that challenge is identified, worked through, & overcome only strength & wisdom can be gained. 

Poses often present challenges and a case of the wobbles can take over when balance and focus is trying to be achieved. A tip that I found helpful for the wobbles is to smile through them. It’s something majestic about a smile and how it can make you feel internally. In moments like these I feel as though “I can do this”, & you know what...I do it! 

Addressing tightness in certain areas can also be challenging. It’s hard to break through a tight spot. One must take careful consideration in not straining themselves, but rather reaching a spot that feels comfortable for them and challenging that bit by bit. 

My hips and hamstrings are always the tightest on me. Paying attention to that in today’s practice inspired this blog. 

The Root of the Problem

The hips, aka “the seat”, is also where our root chakra is located. This is where we often send many unresolved emotions, deep seated desires, negative emotions & old traumas. Due to this, many of us may find this area to be tight, which causes a blockage of energy there. 

Freeing up this old stagnant energy, releases us from whatever no longer serves us.


The “Sol”ution 

Carrying negative emotions from the past is not beneficial. Only we have the power to heal ourselves and let go of the past. Peace is found when we focus on the present. Going within and aligning with your body, helps to focus on that particular area whether it be the root, the heart, or the mind. 

Acknowledging the fears, stress, & trauma we’ve endured is the first step. Actually speaking and letting go is the next step. Spending this time with yourself is powerful and healing. Don’t expect change overnight, as healing takes time, but to initiate this effort is liberating. To truly love ourselves we have to let go of insecurities and fears that hold us back from shining.

The Gratitude

Everyday is a new day to be present and be better than the day before. The past can stay right where it’s at! We must be willing to allow this and embrace growth and the challenges that accompany it. Express gratitude to yourself for doing this for you, because you are awesome!

Repressed stress and negative emotions can appear on our skin in the form of inflamed rashes and breakouts. Creating a clear mental space and carving out some “me time” is essential to our wellbeing. Nourish your Self.

If you haven’t tried yoga I highly suggest it, as it embodies reflection of one’s being and alignment of our temples. If you have tried it, feel free to share your experience with it in the comments below! To start find a local class for a small fee, a free event, or look up a guided practice on YouTube.  If you're local to Atlanta our good friends at Urban Sprout Farms, located in Southwest Atlanta, host a free morning session every Saturday from 7:30-8:30am. 

Much gratitude to those who take the time out to read this and experience the healing benefits of yoga. Namaste'