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Soap Sampler Pack

Soap Sampler Pack

$ 6.00

First Time Customers use code FIRSTTIME to get the sampler pack for free, you just take care of shipping. 

Try our top soaps for free! Just pay for shipping! Each soap is in our sampler size weighing approximately 1oz each (the soaps are handmade so you may have a bar that is less or more than 1oz). 

Our top samplers are made with high quality ingredients. Each soap is made with coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, and shea butter: 

1. Tea Tree & Turmeric

2. Activated Charcoal

3. Oatmeal Honey

4. Lemongrass & Patchouli

Soaps are sample size made for you try if you like them. They are approximately 1oz each. When we say approximately, there may be some smaller and some may be larger. We make and cut all products by hand. Soaps will come in boxes.