About Us

Herb'N Eden began with the curiosity for a craft, although not just any craft. From Terran's first batch of soap, a true calling was revealed. There was a need to leave commercial soaps alone, and be diligent about the ingredients in soap. 

Soap is an essential to daily life, we take showers every day. The great thing about soap is that it doesn't have to be full of artificial ingredients! Herb'N Eden values self-sustainability, which starts with SELF-maintenance. Maintain beautiful skin, with all natural ingredients, from our plant friends.

To be as natural as possible, Herb'N Eden soaps doesn't contain fragrance oils, only therapeutic essential oils are used. The reason being that fragrance oils are lab made & full of synthetic ingredients that have the possibility to harm sensitive skin. Our mission is to get others to part ways with using synthetic lab-made ingredients in soap. Being that our soap is hand-made, each bar of soap is unique, just as we all are individually!

Herb'N Eden's 100% natural soaps are vegan, beneficial for sensitive skin, & made with herbal ingredients. Since the beginning of civilization herbs have aided with self-healing, so let your soap be your medicine and your medicine your soap.

About The Founder

Listen to her interview on Produce 4 Yourself Podcast to get the backstory on how Terran created Herb'N Eden.