The Herb'nbaby Collection

  • Unscented for sensitive, soft skin
  • Gentle & soothing
  • All-natural, petroleum free
  • For baby & me

Herb'neden presents the latest collection, herb'nbaby. Made with all-natural and fragrance free ingredients, this collection is perfect for you and your little bundle of joy.


Herb'nbaby Unscented Bundle

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Babies need a little something extra when it comes to their sensitive skin. Get a full routine using these all-natural ingredients that are safe for baby & me with this unique unscented bundle. Products included in the bundle:

2 oz. Baby Balm is an all purpose salve gentle enough for diaper rash or cracked nipples. 

4 oz. Baby Oil is an ultra gentle moisturizer intended to hydrate the most sensitive of skin. 

4 oz. Baby Soap is an ultra gentle cleanser using saponified oils and butters of Coconut, Olive, Shea and Castor.

The 'All New' herb'nbaby products are petroleum free and plant-based making them safe to absorb into the body and nourishing for the skin.

For Baby & Me

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | locally sourced sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil

nourishing & anti-inflammatory

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | shea butter to nourish and smooth your skin

Shea Butter

moisturizing & hydrating

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | calendula flower


antifungal & antibacterial