Baby Oil
Baby Oil
Baby Oil
Baby Oil

Baby Oil

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  • extra gentle for baby & me

Babies need a little something extra when it comes to their sensitive skin. Our new Baby Oil is an ultra gentle moisturizer intended to hydrate the most sensitive of skin. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and soothing to help relieve skin irritations. Locally-sourced Sunflower Oil is rich in vitamin E and perfect for locking in moisture.  

The 'All New' herb'nbaby products are petroleum free and plant-based making them safe to absorb into the body and nourishing for the skin.

jojoba oil
sunflower oil infused with calendula
argan oil
grapeseed oil

herb'neden | our skincare products are made with all natural plant-based ingredients guaranteed
herb'neden uses therapeutic grade essential oils for the best quality products
herb'neden products are never tested on animals
herb'neden | our natural skin care products are made by hand in small batches in the USA