Baby Balm
Baby Balm
Baby Balm
Baby Balm
Baby Balm

Baby Balm

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  • extra gentle for baby & me

Babies need a little something extra when it comes to their sensitive skin. Our new Baby Balm is an all purpose salve gentle enough for diaper rash or cracked nipples. Calendula can aid in the healing process of wounds, rashes, cradle cap and eczema. 

The 'All New' herb'nbaby products are petroleum free and plant-based making them safe to absorb into the body and nourishing for the skin.

sunflower oil infused with calendula
olive oil
shea butter
cocoa butter

herb'neden | our skincare products are made with all natural plant-based ingredients guaranteed
herb'neden uses therapeutic grade essential oils for the best quality products
herb'neden products are never tested on animals
herb'neden | our natural skin care products are made by hand in small batches in the USA