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Rosewater Kefir & Lavender

$ 7.00

Rosewater Kefir & Lavender

The special ingredient in this soap bar is rose water kefir. Made locally here in Ga, by Cultured South, who specializes in fermented drinks. Rose water kefir is made using kefir grains and this one in particular is made with roses. Being that it’s a rose water probiotic (live bacteria & yeast that are good for you), we knew this would be a perfect addition to our skin loving soaps. Rose clay was added for its invigorating and skin cleansing properties. 

If you have figured it out by now, the theme of this soap is Rose! So for the essential oil blend Rose Geranium was essential, along with lavender, lemon, & bergamot. All of those combined together create an irresistible floral & fresh aroma.

FYI, due to the probiotics we highly recommend this as a yoni soap as well! 

Benefits: Detoxing, Restorative for the yoni and skin, Relaxing, Probiotics 

Good for: All skin types

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