The Warm Scent of Cedarwood

The Warm Scent of Cedarwood

Cedarwood has a woodsy scent, hence the name cedarwood. It’s antiseptic, toning and fungicidal. It's also known as a powerful deodorant and it can help to prevent blackheads and help wounds recover. The scent is mentally stimulating and emotionally cleansing. It can help with acne, dermatitis, eczema, and skin rashes.

We use it in a couple of our products and combine it with a couple of different essential oils because of its powerful properties. We use it in cedarwood and sage, I actually like this blend because I feel like it's kind of more like a masculine scent so if you're a man looking for a nice scent cedarwood and sage is definitely a nice perfume scent. We put it in our cedarwood and sea clay soap - it's combined with a couple of other essential oils, but it just has a deep rich, woodsy scent that I like, so you can even use this soap for your face. And then we put it into our vanilla and cedarwood body oil, which of course combined with the vanilla it makes for like a nice, sweet, woodsy scent.

So yeah - vanilla and cedarwood. Cedarwood is a really good essential oil.

Terran, co-founder


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