Tea Tree Power

Tea Tree Power

Tea tree is a powerful stimulant for the immune system. According to scientific research, it is one of the only essential oils known to be effective against all three infective organisms, which are bacterial, viral, and fungal. It is one of the most effective natural antiseptics and it is recommended for acne, athlete's foot, burns, oily skin, wounds and rashes.

We use it in our two most popular products, which is going to be our tea tree and turmeric soap bar and our tea tree and turmeric face wash. We highly recommend these for the face and full body, especially if you're dealing with acne. One of the causes of acne can be a bacteria, and tea tree is well known to help reduce any bacteria. We also use it in our tea tree and yarrow toner. We combine it with yarrow to make for a nice astringent product, so this is really good if you have oily and acne skin. We use it in one of my favorite facial serums: tea tree and lavender.

If you have problematic skin, tea tree and lavender is a really good serum for you to use. It has tea tree and of course it also has lavender, both of them have antibacterial properties to them. And last but not least we use it in our tea tree and turmeric scrub. So this is really good if you're dealing with any underarm odor as well, because some underarm odor can be caused by bacteria, and for the last time: tea tree is great for bacteria.

Terran, co-founder


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