"Step Yo Soap Game Up"

"Step yo soap game up cuz!" Those were the words from my cousin, Timmy, when we first introduced him to Herb'N Eden in person. As he uttered those words, all I could think about is how life was before I stepped my soap game up. 

Life Before Herb'N Eden

Before Herb'N Eden was even created, I never thought about natural soap. In fact growing up all I used was Dove, Lever 3000, & Dial. Even in college once I got out on my own, I still would just grab the cheapest soap I could find. I was a college student on a budget so I had to do what I had to do. This is what was programmed into me and into lots of others that grew up the same way. I was ignorant to the fact that what you put on your skin made a big difference in your health.

After college I started to become more conscious of the food I put into my body. I got into gardening, how to grow food, different ways of eating more plant based. This changed my entire mindset, but it still didn't hit me that I need to step my soap game up. My wife soon after would get into soap and this changed my whole experience. 

My Soap Game Is Changed

Once my wife started making soap, my soap game went to another level. Natural oils combined with essential oils became apart of our daily lifestyle. I'm still in awe that soap could be this special as compared to the soap we grew up with. (Picture below is Terran making her first batch from scratch in 2014)

It's like now I can't start my day without a shower! Every other day I run into the soap room to get another soap and its always an end piece. My wife now complains that I use too much soap, but I always just say "Terran relax, we make soap!" Taking the time to care for myself and be present in the shower is sort of like my meditation. Brings me to focus on what I'm doing now and as an entrepreneur having moments like that are priceless. 


Herb'N Eden has literally became a reflection of our lifestyle because everything that we offer with Herb'N Eden is deeply & essentially connected to us. Anytime I see a review of a first time user, I instantly think of my life before Herb'N Eden, because I can relate to them. As my cousin would say, "they've stepped their soap game up."

People have asked us if we use our own products, and I just smile and say "yes". What they don't know is that their whole life is about to change with a bar or bottle of soap. When I'm at the market I always tell customers that Herb'N Eden soap is more than just soap, it's an experience. 

So enjoy your experience and step yo soap game up.