Shea Butter: Woman’s Gold

Shea Butter: Woman’s Gold

Shea butter has the nickname “woman's gold” and I understand why because it can make your skin feel like gold.

It is highly concentrated in Omega 9s, it significantly promotes hydration and the suppleness of skin, and it reinforces the skin's acid mantle. Vitamin A is present in shea butter which alleviates any kind of patchy skin due to irritated skin conditions and it can accelerate skin cell regeneration. Vitamin E is also present in shea butter and that helps to protect the skin from oxidation so it can help to smooth out any wrinkles. It also improves circulation, and it can also absorb UV rays.

We use shea butter in our body butters and we also use it in our bar soaps. It's present in all of our bar soap recipes because of its nice hydrating properties, and its ability to smooth out the skin.

Terran, co-founder


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