4 Reasons To Take Cold Showers To Improve Your Skin

4 Reasons To Take Cold Showers To Improve Your Skin
As I've embarked on the entrepreneurial journey with Herb'N Eden I've come across some situations where I've uncovered the secrets to perfect skin. Back when I first moved out into my first apartment, my roommate and I had a time where the hot water was cut off. So that meant cold showers! At first the thought of a cold shower was not appealing by any means. Up until I started doing my research and started taking them consistently! 
What I found out was that as a society we hadn't been taking hot showers for very long. As a matter of fact, we were only taking cold baths and showers up until the early to mid 1900s. Everyone took cold showers before then. A hot shower was and is still a luxury! It is not a necessity. 
After about a week of cold showers, I really started getting used to it. I saw that my skin started looking really clear. What people don't know is that a cold shower is better for your skin and here are 4 reasons to take cold showers to improve your skin. 

1. Tones the pores

Cold showers have a toning effect on your pores. As a tonic it aids the restoration and maintenance of skin tissue. This gives a vitality to the skin reversing the effects of aging. 

2. Hot water dries your skin

Often people say their soap dries them out, but most of time its the hot water. Hot water can leave your skin dry, and lets be honest a lot of us take "hour showers" under scorching hot water. Heavy metals such as flourine and chlorine are present in the water stripping the skin of their natural oils. This is a time when your pores are open and subject to the toxicity of the toxins in the water. 

3. Improves circulation

Cold showers invigorate the bloodstream and if taken daily the blood flows regularly. Proper blood circulation restores even color to the skin and reduces breakouts. 

4. Uplifts the mood

Cold showers not only invigorate the bloodstream but your overall mood. This leads to reduced stress which will reflect onto your skin giving you a natural glow. 

The Challenge

Preparing yourself to take a cold shower is no easy thing. We challenge you to take 7 days of all cold showers! If that's too much, but you're still interested, we challenge you to start with a hot shower and turn the water to cold when you rinse off your soap. This is a great balance for your skin and rejuvenates your whole being. 

Cold showers will improve your skin and your mentality. Starting your day with a cold shower is a great way to wake up and take on the day. Start to notice the changes after 7 days of cold showers and incorporate what works best for you. Remember to be patient with natural care and you will receive the results you are looking for.