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Patience With Natural Care

Patience With Natural Care
Thanks to the microwave, we expect everything to be fast. Ok, we can't fully blame the microwave, but you see where we're going. Instant gratification, instant results via social media, take an aspirin to instantly get rid of a headache, etc. There is no patience anymore. When it comes to the natural healing of herbs & self care, it's vital to be patient. 

Why be patient? 

Healing is a process, not a destination. You have to experience the journey, to truly learn what you personally require as self care. We are all individuals, so what may work for one person necessarily may not work for you. Self care is a daily thing as long as you live. 
More importantly, one who understands herbs knows that they require weeks of use to really begin seeing effects. There are situations where herbs can heal quickly, but it still requires use for a little while longer. Herbs have the power to aid the body through its self healing process. Having patience reaps gratitude for the process of healing.
Patience isn't just the ability to wait over an extended period of time. It's much more than that. It's how you act when you are waiting over that extended period of time. 
You ever witness young children when they want something now? They will throw fits if they are even delayed just a little from something they want. Not all, but a lot. 
If we are able to execute patience, then that's when the great opportunities come knocking at our door. That's when you start to see the results you've always hoped and dreamed for. As they always say patience is a virtue. 

Patience With Natural Care 

As advocates of the natural way, we know it takes great patience with natural care. You cannot expect the natural way to work in a matter of minutes like an aspirin. If you have a goal to choose the natural way to care for yourself then it will take time. 
People ask us all the time about what can our soap do for them, and we always say it can fix what they have trouble with. But that is with prolonged use. We've had customers that have used our soap and initially it broke them out. The reason was because the body is trying to get rid of the toxins and needed time to fully work. After some time her skin completed cleared, an example of having patience with natural care. 
(available June 12)
Taking care of your being with what mama Earth gives is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's amazing the array of herbs available and the aid they provide for our good. Everyday is a new day to discipline yourself to the best of your ability. Allow natural herbs to heal you day by day with patience and gratitude.