Bring Your Skin Back to Life with Geranium

Bring Your Skin Back to Life with Geranium

Geranium has a clean, rose-like scent that can uplift the spirits. It smells very similar to rose, although it is not related to rose, but it does have very similar properties as rose; such as it can be anti-aging, it can help tone the skin and help any dull skin feel rejuvenated. It's antiseptic and it balances all skin types, but especially mature combination and environmentally damaged skin. It can also be slightly astringent.

We use it in three of our products: we use it in the rose water and kefir soap, which you might not be able to tell because it's not in the name but it's definitely in the scent, and then we also use it in our lavender and geranium soap. In our lavender and geranium oil, which it has a floral scent that's that complements lavender very, very well. And then we also use it in our jasmine and geranium serum because of its good properties for the skin, such as being astringent.

This is our serum that we have recommend for those who have mature skin or combination skin, as geranium can help to rejuvenate the skin and bring it back to life.

Terran, co-founder


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