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Skincare is Selfcare: Your Outer Reflects The Inner

Skincare is Selfcare: Your Outer Reflects The Inner

November 15, 2016

Balance is the key to maintaining your temple well being. If we want the outside appearance to look good, we have to care for the inside first and foremost. Our skin is a living breathing organ as long as we're alive, therefore it absorbs factors of the environment and what we put on it. What our skin absorbs goes into our body right into the bloodstream. It is our duty to aid the cells in our body systems with the girth to fight daily toxins that seek to overthrow our body's health. 

Know Thy Skin

A prime indicator of what's going on inside, is the skin, as certain areas on the face respond to internal organs. Knowing breakout indicators can help us to know what to focus on, when they occur (Check out picture below for facial reflexology).

Our skin is the protective barrier for everything inside. Equally as we work on the inside, the outside requires daily detox. Properly cleansing the face and body with a skincare routine, results in healthy skin. This is why exfoliation (scrubbing) is important, to remove dead skin cells and allow for new growth. Everything is cause and effect, so reducing problem causing practices will in turn reduce those problem breakouts.


Know Thy Diet

The food that we consume in our daily diet plays a crucial role in the dis-eases our body  may acquire. We are mostly accustomed to the American diet, but that diet can use some fine tuning. Processed foods should be highly limited as they are composed of many manufactured ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, beans,nuts, and rice are beneficial to your diet.

Mucus causing foods such as dairy, eggs, and meat should be limited because they also alter the digestive process, often slowing it down. If you do consume these foods, ensure that they were properly and sustainably sourced, free of antibiotics & hormones. A hearty and healthy diet ensures proper elimination of waste and toxins from the body, so that they don't get clogged within our body and skin.

Know Thy Self

Stress is unhealthy, mentally, physically, & spiritually. Stress negatively impacts your whole being. The truth is, we all endure stressful factors in our day to day lives, but you have the power to control it. 

Stress relief practices, such as journaling, meditation, and yoga are exactly what you need. Take some time to check in with your being and clear those stressful thoughts and aches. Skincare overall, is stress relieving, when it's natural. Applying a refreshing facial mask, steam, cleanser, or scrub, restores your natural glow and will have you on cloud 9! Not to mention using products with essential oils, for aromatherapeutic qualities. Aromatherapy  enhances positive states throughout your whole temple. Stress is unnecessary negative energy, let it go!

Healthy Skin Starts Within

Taking care of the body is a full time job, as I once heard before, "it's a marathon, not a sprint." As long as you live, you have to take care of your temple, inside and out. Taking care of you skin is taking care of your self, it's a natural part of this journey called life. A healthy diet, stress relieving practices, & a natural skincare regimen make for a better YOU. Every part of your being deserves the best care. Natural skincare comes from earth's resources, which are abundant and never-ending. 




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