4 Major Keys To Stress Relief

4 Major Keys To Stress Relief

The mere thought of stress alone, gets my heart in a panic! Not to mention, the energy that stressful situations and thoughts consume. Stress is something that affects the being mentally, physically, & spiritually. It consumes your thoughts and degrades your health, to the point where we literally wear it on our face. Stress expresses itself through weight gain, sagging, wrinkles, & breakouts. 

Throughout my research of skin problems, such as acne & eczema, stress is always listed as a factor. When you're stressed you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. We can all relate to it, due to daily experiences. Something as simple as traffic can be stressful. If you live in a metropolis such as Atlanta, like I do, then you experience traffic stress everyday! Scientists have researched it of course, but we don't need a scientist to tell us that stress can kill you. It's real, and I believe wholeheartedly in peace of mind.

I'm just now figuring out that peace starts within, as that is the holistic way. Once you realize this, peace can be found within a simple moment. Stress will find you regardless, here are 4 major keys to stress relief



Stress can be so damaging to the point where you just want to escape it all. If you find yourself feeling like this take some time to meditate. Meditation is about connecting with yourself, calming the mind, and resting the body. It takes at least five good minutes to really get into a good meditation, so no less than that. Even with a very busy schedule, you should take time to meditate 15-20 mins a day.

From my own personal experience, it's easy to pass up on meditation and continue on with your daily activities. When you are constantly on "GO", you need some time to reboot. Holistically, we can look to the seasons. There is active Summer, harvesting Fall, dormant Winter, & replenishing Spring. Even mother nature needs a break, annually without fail.  

Meditation is not hard, it's not hard to take some time to yourself, just do it. Ease your mind.

Write in your journal

Currently, I'm doing a 40 day prosperity journey, which requires writing your thoughts in a journal after meditation. Typically, when I journal is sporadic based on when I feel like doing it. This challenge has really helped me with journaling everyday and expressing my feelings to myself. Eventually with all of the daily thoughts we have, our mind becomes cluttered. Share some of that space with your journal, as you would upload your pics/videos to your computer for phone space. 

Writing in a journal allows you to evaluate your thoughts and even reflect on past thoughts. Thoughts are powerful, they create and destroy. Practice replacing destructive (negative) thoughts, with constructive (positive) thoughts and watch your worries float away. I once read a quote that said "to worry, is to not believe in God". Take it how you want, but you are apart of bigger plan and trust that the universe is working with you. You are One with the universe.


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I encourage everyone to try yoga, if you haven't already! Yoga for me, helps me to pinpoint tense areas in my body. The movements flow with your breath and it always ends with Shavasana aka "Corpse Pose" aka "Rest". I always finish yoga feeling very relaxed and removed from the worries I started with. 

Treat yourself


Overall, the way to relieve stress is by taking care of yourself. Take a vacation, visit a spa, get a massage, or buy some relaxing skincare/body products. It's amazing what an aroma-therapeutic bar of soap in a steamy shower can do for your stress!

Whatever adds to your self inflicted peace & happiness do that for yourself. Your whole being will reflect a glowing peace, especially your skin. Sending light & love to whoever comes across this article on the 4 major keys to stress relief.

In the words of Bob Marley, "Don't worry, Be happy!"