Everything to know about skin cleansing tools

Everything to know about skin cleansing tools

Let's talk about something personal: what you use to cleanse yourself.

This may seem like a conversation that doesn't need to happen past the early childhood stage, there are a few misconceptions about what's available to us and why they work. I think it's important to clear that up so we can make informed decisions about how we cleanse our skin.

First, it's okay to use your hands

Yes, the two appendages given to you by the Creator are your built-in cleansing tools. We're okay with using them to wash our faces, hair, and each other, but using the hands to wash the body is different for some. Why is that?

Our hands are just as capable of cleansing our entire bodies as anything else. We shouldn't be uncomfortable with using our hands to do something so natural. Your body belongs to you and there's no shame in using soap and your hands alone to remove dirt and toxins. Your hands don't offer any exfoliation and you may need to use more soap than if you were using a washcloth or loofah.

Washcloths are still...okay

Washcloths are pretty commonplace because they're traditional and easy to find. Terry cloth is a light exfoliant and acts as a lathering agent to spread soap over the body. Our sisal washcloths have a rough and smooth side for added exfoliation.

You shouldn't use washcloths more than once without washing them or switching to a new one. Washcloths can harbor bacteria between uses, which is a sanitary concern. If you're most comfortable using washcloths, keep a large collection.

What about loofahs and sponges?

Loofahs and sponges are optimal lathering agents and gently exfoliate the skin. They are also more prone to hold bacteria because of all the loops and holes. Rinse them out thoroughly and allow them to air dry after each use. You should swap these out at least every 30 days.

In summary

Use whatever you feel most comfortable. Your hands are totally fine, and so are washcloths and loofahs. As long as you start with clean tools (and high-quality soap, of course!), you're sure to have clean skin after every shower or bath.