Grapefruit & Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub

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  • normal, dry
plant-based | essential oils | cruelty-free | made in the USA

Exfoliate with crushed grapefruit peels and Himalayan Pink Salt that will leave your skin soft and radiant.

Grapefruit essential oil is known to improve and uplift your mood. With antimicrobial & antibacterial properties, this oil  can also help reduce blood pressure. 

Rich in antioxidants, grapefruit can also help maintain smooth skin.

 We use therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and solar infused oils for healing benefits.

Dehydrated grapefruit peel
Himalayan Pink Salt
Sunflower oil
Castor Oil
Bentonite Clay
Grapefruit essential oil
Dead Salt

freshly cut grapefruit

Exfoliate the natural way.


The grapefruit and pink salt scrub is amazing, so moisturizing. I can't wait to try the other bars we got! This is our second order of many more.


What's inside

Grapefruit Essential Oil

uplifting & antimicrobial

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | bentonite clay

Bentonite Clay

detoxifying & anti-inflammatory

Sunflower Oil

hydrating & full of antioxidants