Being born with sensitive skin is not fun at all. I've had to deal with eczema for most of my life, until Herb'n Eden came with the solution. With all the natural ingredients and essential oils within the soap, my skin has never felt and looked this good. It's safe to say that I will never go back to those unhealthy commercial soaps.

Yishmael Lewis

I absolutely love this soap! It does wonders and doesn't irritate my hypersensitive skin. It's the only soap I use now. #AllNatural #Beautifulskin

SarahYah Yisrael

This soap has helped my 1 year old son eczema stop from flaring up. It's kept the rest of my family's skin soft and hydrated. It smells amazing!

Ty Griffin

The unique ridges on the top of the soap acted as a massager as I glided the bar against my skin, which excelled my shower experience. I felt fresh and beautiful when I got out the shower. The first words my boyfriend said to me was "Mmm you smell good". Score!

Joie' Monet

I was very pleased with the quality of each soap I received. (ALL 15) Not only do they smell great, but I can really notice the difference when I use them. I love that I can use them on my face as well as my body. Along side having a great product I must say that this business responds very fast to all my questions and delivers packages in a timely manner. Thank you, I will be ordering again very soon.

Mesheckia Lindsay

Terran for years I have been using Dove soap because it was identified as safe and recommended by pediatricians for kids with eczema. Even while using it I could never calm my kids skin as they would always have flare ups and I mean really bad flare ups. Since I've been using your Oatmeal soap my kids have not had a flare up and as we can see the weather has been changing but not their skin. Your soap is so gentle and keeps the skin moisturized all day. I just wish I had found you sooner and am forever grateful for your expertise when I call to get restocked. By the way took my two smaller kids to the doctor since they were have allergy issues and the first thing the doctor said do you need more eczema topical cream. I said no and she looked shocked and proceeded to look at their skin and said amazing what have you been using there are no flare ups or sections of bleeding. I said nope not since I've been using your soap hadn't had any problems since! Thank God for you and your business!

Venus Ikner

Love these soap bars! They smell great and really work good on sensitive skin. So many different soaps that I love so it's hard to pick a favorite. Would definitely recommend!!

Mysty Meadors

I love their soap it makes me feel rejuvenated, fresh, and even healthier!!! Get you some... TODAY!!!!!

Talasha Lewis

When we picked up the package, we were amazed by the aroma! The product is even better than that. These soaps will definitely give Dove a run for their money!

Brandon Benjamin

Only soap I use now! Great ingredients. Great product. Locally made. Georgia grown. Please support!

Ke'Ida Albright Keys

What I love about your soaps is that they lather up very nicely !! Smells divine and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed and relaxed.

Mercedes Marie

This handcrafted high end soap is definitely worth every cent; I especially recommend the lemongrass and patchouli. Check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Bella Ashley

If you have not yet tried Herb N Eden soaps you're missing out on an therapeutic, aromatic experience. The moment I opened up my package, the amazing aroma filled my home. They lather up so beautifully and leave your skin soft, and hydrated. Made with ingredients you can trust and the small business has amazing customer service! Try them once, and I promise you'll be a believer.

Cindy Melendez