Hydrate your skin easily with these two super fruits

The sun is kicking, ya'll! 

Just about everyone I know is outside soaking in the weather like we haven't in a while, and I'm right along with them!

But ya'll know I gotta give ya'll some special advice for taking care of your skin in the summertime. It's how I show ya'll love! 

Summer weather can be really harsh on the skin but protecting your skin from damage doesn't take anything too crazy. Add watermelon and a few cucumbers to your shopping list and read on for some skin uses that you probably didn't know about. The Earth really did us a solid favor by giving us these two fruits.

How does eating watermelon and cucumbers help the skin?

Hydration, or water, is critical for healthy skin, which makes watermelon and cucumbers pretty much superfood ingredients. Let’s go down the list:

  • Both are made of mostly water, which your organs love. Water helps to push toxins out and through the body. Happy organs mean healthy skin.
  • Both are great ingredients for juicing. Cucumber has a refreshing aftertaste, and watermelon is naturally sweet so you don’t need to add sugar (which isn’t skin-friendly AT ALL!).
  • UNPOPULAR FACT (because it’s not an opinion): Seedless fruit isn’t fruit. Those watermelon seeds that we’ve been taught to avoid are actually good for your skin. Watermelon seeds contain collagen--the same collagen that your skin creates to keep its elasticity and give you a youthful look. Don’t be afraid to chew and swallow them. You will not grow a watermelon in your belly.

How to use watermelon and cucumber on your skin

What’s good for the insides can also be effective on the outside. The hydrating powers of cucumber and watermelon can calm irritations from eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, and dry skin.

You may have seen women place cucumber slices under their eyes to reduce puffiness. It works, and watermelon works the same way. When you eat all the watermelon meat to the rind, rub it all over your face or the irritated area of your body. Don’t be shy. Let the juice sit on your face for a few minutes and wash it off with your Tea Tree and Turmeric or Activated Charcoal soaps. Ya’ll got those, right?

Stay hydrated!