Turmeric is the Golden Standard

Turmeric is the Golden Standard

Turmeric is a very popular skin care ingredient. When I was looking to make soaps I already knew that I had to use turmeric. It contains the chemical constituent curcumin,  which contributes to its anti-inflammatory properties that can help with redness and irritation.

Turmeric is even known to help even the skin tone and brighten skin. So if you deal with hyperpigmentation, turmeric can really be a good ingredient for you to try for your face, underarms, or anywhere on your body where you might be dealing with hyperpigmentation or your skin tone might seem a little uneven. That's why we use it in our most popular, number one product, which is the tea tree and turmeric bar soap, our tea tree and turmeric face wash. These two products here are our most popular on the herb’neden line because a lot of people know them to help with their different skin tones, they know it to help with their hyperpigmentation, and we combine it with tea tree because tea tree also helps with acne, and combined with the turmeric it can help with inflammation, which is sometimes caused by acne and acne scars.

We also use it in our tea tree and turmeric body scrub. If you deal with any dark spots up underneath your underarms, exfoliating with our tea tree and turmeric body scrub can help to even out the complexion and help to lighten up any dark spots that you might have. Turmeric is a highly prized Ayurvedic herb and that's why we use it on our line.

Terran, co-founder


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