Tips to keep your warm skin glow in cold weather

So, how’s the weather?

If it’s cold where you are, your skin may be feeling dry and patchy. Many of us find it difficult to retain moisture during the colder months. Who among us wants to be ashy and cold?

Like many other skin problems, keeping the skin soft and moisturized during the cold months is all about your skin routine. Here are some simple tips to keep your skin and face flake-free during winter. Spoiler alert: It’s not Vaseline!

Go easy on the hot water showers

In the cold months, it can be tempting to crank up the hot water and turn your shower into a sauna--especially if you’ve been in the cold all day. Hot water actually promotes dry skin in the winter because it opens the pores and releases your skin’s moisture. I’m not saying take cold showers, but maybe lukewarm. Definitely not scalding hot.

Use a skin toner

It may seem backward to recommend a toner for preventing dry skin because many are made with astringents like witch hazel that are known to dry out the skin. Natural skin toners like ours are made with aloe vera and rose water--two skin-hydrating ingredients that not only moisturize the face but reduce any redness or flaking you may have. Stay away from toners that contain alcohol. This 100% does more harm than good.

Apply a heavy moisturizer immediately after showering

Once you get out the shower and towel off, it’s the perfect time to apply a moisturizer to your face and body. For your body, the heavier the moisturizer, the better. When you’re fresh out of the shower, your skin is primed to absorb nutrients and retain moisture to keep it soft all day. The key is using a high-quality moisturizer--one that replenishes the skin with natural ingredients to keep it hydrated. If you use a moisturizer with alcohol or water, your skin won’t retain moisture and you’ll feel dry once you’re back out in the elements. Your moisturizer acts as a barrier to keep the moisture from your shower in and dryness away. I personally use our body butters daily for my body and I never have to apply lotion throughout the day. 


Choose your oils wisely

If body butters are the barrier to protect your body from losing moisture, oils are the sealant to keep it in. Once you’ve rehydrated with a moisturizer, use a heavy oil for your body and a light oil for your face. Be careful when using oil on the face because you don’t want to go too heavy and clog the pores, and you don’t want to use too much. Use lighter varieties like calendula, jojoba, or tea tree. Our facial serums are a perfect mixture for whether you have dry, acne-prone, or normal skin.

Drink more water

Drinking more water seems like the answer to every health problem. It’s definitely a part of the answer for every skin problem. Think of your body as a car. What happens if you use low-quality gas? What happens when your engine runs hot? The skin is made up of 64% water. If you aren’t replacing that water as the moisture dries up from your skin in colder weather, you’re bound to see dry patches. Aim for half your body weight in fluid ounces. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, try to drink 50 fluid ounces of water every day. I promise you will notice a difference in your skin and how you feel in general.