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The Makings of Tea Tree & Turmeric soap

The Makings of Tea Tree & Turmeric soap

I know this looks like Breaking Bad, but it's soap making! I'm whipping up a batch of tea tree and turmeric soap, so you all can see the process behind the bar. I remember when I made this soap for the very first time. I was memorized by the bright orange color after infusing the turmeric!

This soap reminds me of my zodiac sign, Virgo, which is also an earth/mutable sign. "Mutable", means capable of change. Once the turmeric is added the color changes throughout the saponification process. Not to mention, tea tree has a somewhat earthy camphor smell. Together tea tree & turmeric make for an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial soap.

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Apr 05, 2017 • Posted by Wanda

Thank you. All the good that you give will be multiplied and returned.

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