The benefits of Oatmeal for your skin

The benefits of Oatmeal for your skin

Growing up and still to this day, my mom makes oatmeal every morning. Although I didn't follow in her footsteps I do keep oatmeal in my cupboard. Oatmeal is a gentle giant in the world of skincare. Oats provide essential fiber and other nutrients for the digestive system, and they're mild for all skin types and a natural cleanser as it is. 

Oats contain a high concentration of saponins, a natural cleanser. When cooking oats, you may notice the foam water it produces, this is the work of the saponins. The gentle cleanse of oats are effective enough to remove oil and dirt from pores.

Oats are both exfoliating and emmoliating. Exfoliation is necessary to to an honest skincare regimen, as the process removes dead skin cells, allows the skin to breathe and appear polished. As an emollient, oatmeal softens and soothes the skin.

Naturally moisturizing as well, oats create a protective barrier of skin. They keep environmental damage out and hold and attract water within the pores. This enables the pores to stay hydrated and absorb moisture. 

Eczema and acne are two common irritations that affect the majority of us. Oatmeal baths effectively sooth irritated and itchy skin.  Our Oatmeal and Honey bar is one of my favorite soaps. It is unscented, the oatmeal and honey can do their natural thing for all skin types. The bar is naturally moisturizing and the natural scent reminds me of graham crackers!

Our facial skin is very sensitive compared to the rest of the body. If you find that you are irritated by most products, or you have reserves about trying things on your face. Stick with oatmeal, it is less likely to irritate even the innocence of baby skin. 

It is claimed that the natural cleansing of oats was a vital part of Cleopatra's beauty regimen. This is an age old ingredient that has touched the lives of many natural beauties. Oats have a classic reputation for encouraging health and wellbeing, even for damaged skin. If you have oats in your cabinet grind them up for a face mask or add them to your bath. If you want it in a soap, Herb'N Eden has you covered. Oatmeal works wonders!