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Start 2018 by learning the skill of soap making!

Start 2018 by learning the skill of soap making!

Last year, we received so much positive response and support with our workshops. It's only right that we continue the experience and share the skill of soap making!

The soap-making class will consist of learning the cold-process method with the soap maker behind Herb'N Eden, Terran Lewis. She will start you with the basics and safety guidelines, followed by hands-on interaction of making soap. 

Cold process soap making requires working with lye, which is caustic and can damage clothing. Even though we will not actively mix the lye solution, we will still talk about it in great depth. We ask that you come prepared in old clothes, long-sleeved shirt, your own apron, and closed toed shoes.  Also, please bring a towel to cover your soap for the trip home.

To sign up for our first workshop of the year (1/14/18) click below:




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When is your next class so interested

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