Small Ways to Incorporate Holistic Practices into Your Lifestyle

If you’re new to holistic living, starting with small changes can have a huge impact on your life. The connection of mind, body, and spirit plays a huge role in this lifestyle, and herb’neden makes it easy to add new holistic practices into your every day.

terran doing yoga outside

Yoga Practice + Aromatherapy

Achieving connection between the mind and body comes full circle in yoga practice. Whether you need a moment of zen, or time dedicated to yourself to stretch and meditate, yoga is an easy first step into a more holistic lifestyle. Adding aromatherapy to this practice can help deepen the connection through another sense - smell. 

Our collection of Essential Oil Rollers, are the perfect way to add aromatherapy into yoga or meditation practices. Just roll on your favorite scent - we recommend Lavender & Frankincense for it’s calming attributes or Lemon Lime to improve clarity - and watch how your daily yoga time transforms into a deeper sensory experience.

Connecting Mind and Spirit Through Self Care

Everyone should find a way to quiet the mind and calm the spirit through forms of self-care. Our favorite way to incorporate holistic principles into self-care is through a loving shower routine that pampers the body from head to toe. 

Start by setting the mood with dim lighting and your favorite spa playlist. Wash the day away with one of herb’neden’s signature Bar Soaps to promote self love and relaxation. Carry this into your skincare with one of our Facial Kits and gua sha routine while giving thanks for being present in your body. Finish your self care with a luxurious Body Oil to lock in moisture and positive vibes you’ve just created.

Connect with Mother Nature

“There are so many lessons to be learned by nature, such as receiving from the Earth and returning back unto it.” - Terran Lewis, Co-Founder of herb’neden

Herb’neden was founded as a solution to big corporations who don’t put their customer’s well being first. We’ve strived to make all-natural products using essential oils, plant extracts, and herbs for a holistic solution your skin will love. 

As part of a holistic lifestyle, being one with Mother Nature is so important. Get outside, enjoy the sun, feel the grass. We even make it easy to spend time in nature with our Essentials Travel Kit so you can enjoy the fruits of the Earth on the go.


How do you incorporate holistic practices into your lifestyle?