Skin care swaps to make in the winter

How to update your skin care routine for winter months

The winter months can be brutal on the skin if you don't make adjustments to your routine. Just as you swap out your wardrobe to deal with colder temps, you should switch up your skin care routine to keep a warm, glowing complexion all year round.

Here's a quick rundown of how the winter months affect the skin and what you can do to prevent dry, ashy, cracked skin. Nobody likes that.

Use heavier moisturizers during the winter

Colder temperatures mean drier air and drier skin. If you're especially prone to dry skin, you'll notice you may start to crack and peel in some places. And it's not just the air outside, central heating indoors causes the skin to dry out as well. When it comes to dry skin, the best remedy is prevention. Switch to a heavier skin moisturizer as the weather gets colder and avoid the extremity of dry, cracked skin altogether. Instead of the light body oil you used during the summer, switch to a body butter that's made with heavy oils. These will lock-in moisture so the skin stays soft despite the harsh weather.

Pro tip: Apply moisturizers while the skin is still damp, like when you've just taken a shower. The moisturizer literally locks in the moisture from the water. I know it's cold when you first step out the shower but don't skip this step!

Drink more water for glowing skin

I know, it's winter. No one is sweating as much as they do when it's warm out. But again, central heating and dry air still dry out the skin. If you're spending hours in either, you could be dehydrated without even feeling it. Keep a supply of water nearby and get intentional about drinking it. Yep, you have to drink it even when you're not thirsty. Water helps to replenish your skin cells from the inside out so your complexion is bright and radiant.

Don't stop exfoliating in the winter

A common mistake I see is people stop exfoliating because it's cold and they're showing less skin. Even if that's not the reason you use to stop exfoliating during the winter, it isn't a good one. Exfoliating is key during the cold months because dead skin cells reduce how much your skin is able to absorb moisture. So, if you're applying moisture to dead skin cells, you're really just wasting your time (and product!).

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps your skin care products to work better because your pores are clear. Herb 'N Eden's body scrubs are great for exfoliating in the winter because they are made with heavy essential oils, so they add moisture as you remove dead skin cells. Like a two-for-one deal :-)

Lay off the hot showers

I know! Who doesn't love a hot shower in the winter!?! Your skin doesn't. That's because hot water opens the pores and dries out all of the moisture. When your shower is hot and steamy it can take a while for our pores to close, which is why sometimes we sweat for a few minutes after a hot shower. 

I'm not saying you can't enjoy a warm shower, just be aware of how your skin reacts to extremely hot water and maybe use a little less.

Moisturize your lips more during cold months

Fun fact: Your lips don't have any oil glands. So when the weather gets cold and brutal, your lips are the first to crack. Especially if you aren't drinking enough water!

Make a point to always have lip balm handy. And, as you moisturize your face, include your lips as well. You can use our face serums as they're light and won't feel greasy.

Stock up on these products to keep your skin glowing during the winter months!