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Simple Is Better

Simple Is Better

Based on my experience growing up I never thought to read the ingredient list of the products I was using or eating. I just knew I liked something based off the packaging, a commercial, or just knowing that it taste or smell good. Growing up I also had no clue about a holistic lifestyle. 

 As I developed in my early 20s I was exposed to so many holistic practices that I felt drawn to further explore. One of them involved being aware of the food I was eating and the body products I was using. This valuable lesson has since opened my eyes to the importance of knowing your ingredients and really keeping it simple.

 What’s with the long ingredient list?


Often times we can find lists filled with ingredients that are tongue twisting and just dizzying after going through them all. At what point did we become ok with not really knowing what an ingredient was and it’s effect whether good or bad for us?

When products have to be mass produced  they are usually full of synthetic ingredients and cheap fillers that are unnecessary. Not only are they unnecessary, but they can be harmful to our wellbeing.

The Simple Truth

What’s really good for you doesn’t require extra fluff. When it comes to handmade body products, simple is better. Using ingredients that are beneficial for you in the first place doesn’t require other things because it already contains healing properties. It’s cool to combine multiple healing ingredients together, as many pair well. Life can even be much simpler when you can identify what works for you and what doesn’t.

This is important for when we find ourselves having negative reactions to things as well. When a product has few ingredients, testing what doesn’t work for you isn’t as time consuming. 

Big brands are going simple

As I browse through the aisles of grocery stores I now notice that long familiar brands are going the simple route themselves. These changes have become their focal selling point, as they watch the market and see that consumers are now looking for more natural alternatives. While they may still keep the ones loaded with crap, the fact is that they are even seeing simple is better! 

Mama Earth produces some very dope raw materials which contain the nourishing and healing qualities our temples need for optimal health. Simplicity has proven to be a good path in the way of health. That’s why Herb’N Eden values using a few ingredients that will get the magic going. 


Jun 22, 2019 • Posted by Gail

Hi I watched yr soap making video and saw you use a green mold with wood box supporting it. Can you please let me know where you bought this mold please, thank you, Gail

Aug 22, 2018 • Posted by Malinda Jones

Do you have a soap class this weekend. I met you on Friday night Lady’s inc

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