New Soap For Sensitive Skin

New Soap For Sensitive Skin

In our journey of making soap one of the common themes we have heard from most is that they have "sensitive skin". So in an effort to make more products geared to that need, we have created a soap just for those who fit that category. 

Introducing our Chamomile & Calendula Soap! This soap is made with our Chamomile & Calendula infused oil along with a base consisting of coconut oil, red sustainable palm oil, shea butter, & jojoba oil. All ingredients we hand picked specifically for sensitive skin. 

No Scent, But Sweet

Even though we did not add any scents, the soaps still has a mild sweetness to it from the chamomile flowers. The reason for no added scent was because we had sensitive skin in the back of our mind. We know that scents whether they be fragrance or essential oil can be irritating for those with sensitive skin, so we chose to go with no scent. 

Chamomile & Calendula Infused Oil

Chamomile & Calendula infused oil is one of the staples of the soap. This is the same infused oil from our Chamomile & Calendula body butter. We just added it to the soap. We have a video below talking more about the oil and how we created it. 


The Bright Color 

One of the ingredients that makes this soap so special is the red sustainable palm oil. Not sure if you have used products with red palm oil, but if you haven't, you are in for a treat. We first got introduced to red palm oil months ago when we ran out of our own palm oil. I saw the bright redness and thought this would go great in a soap. Once I tried it for the first time, I knew we would end up coming back to it.

Red palm oil is extremely moisturizing. It is packed with Vitamins A & E and has great benefits on the skin and hair. Also red palm oil has beta carotene which gives it its orange color. When absorbed, the palm oil is converted into the body as Vitamin A making for an exceptional oil on the entire body, head to toe. 

I can go on and on about the benefits of red palm oil, but you definitely have to see it for yourself. 

Try It For Yourself 

Chamomile & Calendula soap is out for a limited time as we only made a select number. If you or anyone you know has sensitive skin, they should definitely give this soap a try! Don't miss out! 

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