Methods of Preserving your Natural Soap

Methods of Preserving your Natural Soap

Did you know that natural soaps don't last as long as commercial soaps? You may wonder why your natural soap seems to melt a lot faster. Well there are ways you can ensure the longevity of your precious soaps. Personally, I can't wait to get through my bars in an effort to try another one! Here are a few tips to experience your favorite bar a little longer. 

Keep Soap dry between uses

First and foremost, keep your soap dry when you're not using it. You may ask what does this mean? Well sometimes we allow water to sit in our soap dish, which makes the soap soupy. When I was a kid soap slime was cool, but for natural soap, not so much. To prevent soupy soap, keep your bar out of the direct shower stream and place it somewhere in the shower to stay dry.

Use a soap dish with drainage or a travel soap dish with a lid

Soap dishes are perfectly made for soaps. If you find that you have trouble keeping water out of your soap dish, find one with holes for drainage. A favorite method of mine is keeping my soap in a travel soap dish. Besides being readily available when I travel, I can put a lid on my soap while I'm actively in the shower. 

Soap savers are also cool ways to preserve your bar, essentially they drain extra moisture from your soap. 

Soap scraps

Every bit of soap is precious, even the slivers. Once the soap gets down to a sliver, it can still be used. Rub the lather out of the soap until there's no more! That can be a bit difficult sometimes, so another method is to put extra slivers together in a muslin or mesh bag. Whatever is accessible to you, put the pieces together in a cloth and use that directly on your body. A perk of using a soap saver sack is the exfoliation, which scrubs dead cells right off. All the soapy goodness in one!

All of these methods are effective for preserving your natural soaps. So much love is put into making natural soaps, therefore they cost more than commercial soaps with cheap fillers. You pay more for your natural soap, so why not maximize the uses you get from each bar?