Liquid soap vs. bar soap: Are you using the right one?

By now,  everyone’s full swing into their “new year, new me” mantra. But when it comes to skin, a lot of us are just looking for clarity around the basics, like what type of soap you should be using. 

A lot of you have asked about the difference between liquid soap and bar soap. Herb’N Eden has both. For the sake of this discussion, I’ll tell you about the differences in production between our liquid and bar soaps and the benefits of each.

Herb’N Eden’s bar soap

We make all of our bar soaps with heavier oils like coconut, palm, and shea butter. This is because bar soaps themselves are dense and require heavier moisturizers for the best results. 

I like using bar soaps on my body for the heavier moisturization quality. It helps my skin to stay soft and moisturized throughout the day. 

Plus, it’s easier to apply when in the shower. Instead of having to squeeze a few pumps every so often, I can just lather up and keep it moving.

Bar soaps take less time to make but must curate for four to six weeks. This gives the sodium hydroxide (an ingredient in all soaps) time to deactivate and for the soap to harden. 

Curing the soap also helps it to last longer. You may notice that as your soap sits out in the air after it is used it dries out and cracks. Curing stretches out the shelf life for more uses.

Herb ‘N Eden’s liquid soap

All of our liquid soaps are made with lighter oils like olive and sunflower. We use soft base oils here to keep the liquid, well, liquid. Heavier oils tend to turn solid when the temperature decreases. Lighter oils keep the product free-flowing so you’re not struggling to get it out of the bottle.

I like using liquid soaps for my face just because it’s easier for me. It only takes a few pumps to get the lather going so I use less soap. 

The process to make liquid soap takes a bit longer, excluding the curing process.

Deciding between liquid and bar soap

The good news is there’s no wrong answer here. It’s really about preference. If you like using a loofah, liquid soap is easier. For anything else, bar soap is probably more convenient. 

The processes are slightly different but it’s really what’s in the name. Even shampoos are technically liquid soap. As long as you’re using natural products with the healing properties your skin needs, you can’t go wrong.

Herb'N Eden natural bar soaps

Herb'N Eden natural liquid soaps