Knock Out Stress with Lavender

Knock Out Stress with Lavender

Lavender is known as a very relaxing herb. It is scientifically proven to help relax, soothe, and harmonize the mind. It can also do the same thing for any kind of skin irritations that you might be dealing with. It's helpful for eczema, for wounds and burns as well.

Not only does it help with the body, but it also helps with the mind, so you can use lavender after a very stressful day or if you might be dealing with some depression. Lavender is known to ease the mind and make you feel more relaxed, especially if your day has just irritated you, lavender is the answer for you.

And that's why we put it into our soap bar and we also make a body butter with it. We actually make a lot of products with lavender, but these two I wanted to highlight. You can take a shower with the lavender bar, and relax and ease all your worries, and then follow that up with the body butter to moisturize your body.

Terran, co-founder


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