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How to treat eczema with herbal products [VIDEO]

Herbal products for treating eczema

Eczema is a common skin challenge and one of the ones I'm asked about the most. Of course, there are herbal skin care products that treat eczema without adding to the irritation, but you need to understand the root cause of your eczema to treat it effectively.

Watch this video for my recommendations from the Herb'N Eden product line.





Mar 13, 2021 • Posted by Angela Drummond

You mentioned a salve that you have that can be used. Which one is it? I have scalp psoriasis and ordered the neem body wash to use as a shampoo and want if the salve or tea tree serum can be used on the scalp.

Feb 12, 2021 • Posted by ebudjeatofa

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Feb 12, 2021 • Posted by exaidowune

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Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Debra Little

Best soap for severe hyperpigmention

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Debra Little

Best soap for severe hyperpigmention?

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by TAMMI

I jusy received my sampler pack and I’ve already used the active charcoal… this stuff is amazing, my grands girl and boy both have severe eczema and do weekly allergy shots, cant wait to try the soap on them

Thank you so much for making tjese natural products

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Yvette Grant

I’m dealing with eczema on my legs not very flattering, what would you recommend? Also I saw you talk about our lady area and I don’t remember what the products were you suggested could you tell me about that as well? Thank you

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Kaneesha Carter

I have eczema and also had it on my scalp. Since I started making my own shampoo and lotion I have not had any flare ups on my scalp and body. Compared to when I buying store products that were not 100% natural.

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Patricia

I want to thank you for making the active charcoal soap. My child is journeying with lupus and had an entire body hive. Bathing with the active charcoal soap it went away by the next day. Paying attention to diet and utilizing the active charcoal soap, has prevented an entire body hive. Thank you

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Gabrielle Hammond

Glad I cut out dairy recently.!! I have Eczema on my scalp. What products would you suggest I try.?

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