How detoxing could be the answer to your skin troubles

How detoxing could be the answer to your skin troubles

The saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” applies to a lot of things, but we often don’t think about our bodies and skin in the same respect. We’re soap makers but we know healthy, happy skin requires healthy, happy insides as well. Detoxing is a way to ensure you have a clean slate and eliminate the common dietary and other external causes of problem skin. 

We sell natural products to externally detoxify the skin, but we also want to explore other avenues of detoxification for better skin and general health. Here’s our personal experience with detoxifying internally and externally for better skin.

Skin benefits of detoxifying your diet

I was really inspired to write about this because my partner Quinton and I recently completed a 7-day juice fast. Through my studies of holistic healing and wellness, I know that a lot of the common skin problems like acne and psoriasis are a reflection of what’s inside the body. For me, detoxifying my system for seven days brought about a lot of mental clarity and willpower to be strong in doing what’s best for my body. Detoxifying the system also:

  • Cleanses the bloodstream of toxins
  • Prepares the digestive system to absorb nutrients from a clean diet
  • Eliminates toxins to prepare the body for seasonal changes

The winter season can be rough on the skin and it’s also a time where germs and colds are passed around at family gatherings. This year Quinton and I decided to do the juice fast because it’s a healthy way for the body to absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables without actually eating. It was a big challenge because it took us out of our regular eating habits and cravings for unhealthy foods actually get worse before they get better. Plus our juicer gave out on us in the middle of the fast which really tested our dedication!

When detoxing the body for clearer skin, it’s important that you incorporate sweating to help the body eliminate toxins through the skin. During our fast, Quinton and I did hot yoga (which doubled as exercise) and we went to a sweat lodge. A sauna works just as well, but we opted for the sweat lodge because there you can go back and forth between hot and cold temperatures for added detoxing benefits. 

The main event that’s happening in your body when you detox your system is your liver is filtering out all the toxins in your bloodstream. What your liver doesn’t remove will come out through your skin as you sweat. This will be an ugly process! Don’t take sudden blackheads and whiteheads as a sign you’re doing something wrong--it’s actually the opposite. In the end, you pick up better habits alongside clearer skin as your body adjusts to thriving with more nutrients and less toxins. 

Preparing for detoxing through fasting

Get ready to be challenged! No matter how long your fast is, preparation is crucial for success and results. Here are some tips for getting started on your first fast for detoxification:

  • Don’t binge eat in advance. It sounds counterproductive, but eating a bunch of junk food before you fast will only make things worse and makes your liver work harder to eliminate those toxins. It’s best to do the opposite and start to incorporate more fruits and salads into your diet and phase out everything else. That way you ease into the fast and pace yourself for the challenges of detoxing.
  • Eat your water. Watery fruits like watermelon, grapes, and oranges are great for nutrition and to stay hydrated. Hydration helps with dry skin and to help flush toxins out of your system. Plus it will help you get through the withdrawals of not eating junk food as your body adjusts to going without them.
  • Do it with a group or partner. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to quit! Preparation was one thing, but having my partner and a support group with me all going through the same experience together really helped to keep me accountable and to see it through to the end. See if you can get a group together to celebrate and encourage each other along the journey.

Detoxifying the skin with natural products

Because your skin plays such a big role in detoxifying the body, you’ll need to be prepared to deal with that, too. Of course, Herb’N Eden’s got you covered.

I suggest cleansing the skin twice daily with our soaps that feature clay as a main ingredient. Clay masks have been known in ancient societies to detox and purify the skin to give it radiance and eliminate blemishes. Our most popular is the activated charcoal soap because of its deep-cleansing properties and how well it draws out impurities.

Exfoliating is important as well when detoxing because the skin needs to remove dead cells to replace them with new, revitalized ones. Our bentonite clay is ideal for this. Mix a few teaspoons with a few teaspoons of filtered water to make a face mask you can wear every other day or so. This removes toxins and exfoliates the skin to remove blackheads and prevent future breakouts.

We also have sisal washcloths which are good for gently exfoliating the face and body every day as you bathe. This helps to remove toxins quickly as they pass through the skin.

Lastly, soaking in bath salts is a good way to help draw out toxins through the skin while detoxing. Our Botanical Bath Soak has Epsom and Himalayan salts, two powerful skin detoxants known to draw out impurities. 

Final thoughts

If fasting doesn’t sound like it’s right for you, you can also drink herbal teas and lemon and/or lime water to help flush your digestive system and remove toxins. Fibrous foods like leafy greens, brown rice, cabbage, grapes, brussels sprouts, and broccoli are good to add to your detox diet. Get creative with rice bowls and create vibrant plates of tasty fibrous foods.

Detoxing inside and outside the body is work, but it will have your skin radiating and improve your overall health. And health is wealth so it’s always worth it.