Herbs to keep your skin glowing this summer

The warmer months are here, which means your skin may require different conditioning than when we were dealing with cold air. 

As we spend more time outside soaking up the sun, we put more pressure on our skin to deal with certain circumstances that can be annoying if you're not prepared.

Warm weather skin problems

Heat rashes: Everything about the summer months combine to make skin irritable. Cookouts, pool parties, and beaches mean dirt and dust that clog up the sweat ducts and trap perspiration. This can turn into a heat rash⁠—itchy rashes, blisters, or small bumps.

Dehydration: Your skin also suffers when you don't drink enough water. Your skin becomes dry and irritated when your body is dehydrated, and your skin becomes more prone to sunburn. One telltale sign is your lips may crack and you may start to notice dry patches on your skin.

Summer acne: Sweat is like a magnet for dust, grime, and pollution. We spend more time outside, and dirt and heat are perfect conditions for acne and pimples to grow.

Poison ivy, oak, and sumac: Between the backyards, trails, and other outdoor scenery, we're more exposed to these rash-causing plants during the warmer months.

Herbs for summer skin problems


Neem is great for dry skin because it's rich in Vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. If you have cracked skin, use this soap. Neem is a powerful anti-bacterial herb so it's also great for removing acne-causing bacteria. Got a rash? Use this soap to reduce redness and scarring.

Tea Tree and turmeric

Tea tree and turmeric together are a double-serving of antibacterial properties. Tea tree is also an antiseptic. When paired with turmeric, it's a powerful remedy for scarring, acne, and sunburn.

Oatmeal honey

Oatmeal honey soap is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Oats contain saponins, which are a natural gentle cleanser. Oats are also a moisturizer for the skin, making this soap ideal for dry, itchy skin and irritations.

Healthy skin habits for the summer

Shower often with an anti-bacterial soap. As you sweat more and attract more dirt, try to stay clean and keep yourself dry as much as possible.

Drink (and eat) more water. Logically you should drink more water, but also incorporate more watery fruits and vegetables into your diet. Watermelon, for example, is high in water content and particularly good for hydration.

Use body oils. Our body oils have sunflower, extra virgin olive, and jojoba oils that are all nourishing and gentle from head to toe. Each oil scent is made with essential oils for extra moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer.