Here's what your forehead, cheeks, and chin breakouts are trying to tell you

Quick: what's the first thing you think when you notice a breakout on your face?

You probably don't think about your diet, that thing that's stressing you out, or the smog in the air. 

You're probably just thinking about getting rid of the breakout.

Blemishes on your face are annoying, but they're also useful in away. Our skin is a reflection of our habits. If we're lacking in nutrition, not getting enough sleep, or unknowingly exposing our skin to an irritant, the evidence will show up on our faces.

The useful part: where the breakout occurs on your face can be a clue to what's causing the breakout. The breakouts on your face are actually guiding you to where you can make small changes as the solution.

Yep, your face is a map. Here are the hidden messages behind the location of your breakouts.

Causes for forehead blemishes

You aren't washing your hats, scarves, headwraps, bonnets, and/or pillowcases enough. When you use these things often without washing them regularly, oil from your hair and skin can cause build-up on them and then on your skin, clogging your pores. Try washing these regularly.

Blemishes between the eyebrows

Check your gut health. You may have some digestive issues, or it may be time to do a detox. It could also be a sign that you're drinking too much alcohol. Try adding a probiotic (like kombucha or yogurt) to your diet a couple of times a week and consider drinking less alcohol and caffeine for a while.

Breakouts on the cheeks

This area is often associated with the kidneys. Our kidneys act as a filter to help rid the body of toxins and waste. If you have breakouts in this area, try drinking more water and detoxing from things like sugar and processed food.

This could also be a sign that you're not cleaning your cell phone screen enough. Keep a micro-fiber wipe handy to wipe off oil and dirt from frequent use.

Breakouts on or around the chin

This area indicates hormonal imbalance, especially for women. We're surrounded by catalysts for hormonal imbalance every day, from eating processed foods to pollutants in the air. Hormonal imbalance occurs in women just, well, being women. 

Red raspberry is an herb that helps this imbalance for women, including if you are pregnant and/or nursing. You can drink it as a tea or apply it as an oil.

Listen to your skin

Breakouts are frustrating, but we have to be patient and listen to our skin to identify the culprit. Even when it comes to your skin regimen. If you usually apply oil but your skin already feels oily, don't be afraid to break your norm. Or if your skin feels drier one day, stop and add a little moisturizer.

Learn to pay attention to your skin and you'll see the good skin days start to add up.

And look for other hiding places like these 7 reasons why your skin is breaking out.