Herb'N Eden'S Fall Giveaway

Herb'N Eden'S Fall Giveaway

Fall is the time of Abundance and Harvest. To celebrate this time of the year, we are giving away our fall picks plus an additional 3 bar bundle of your choice. You will be able to experience the specific bars that go perfect with this time of season. 

Here are our fall picks. Click here to enter in the giveaway. 

Cocoa Butter and Cacao

Your dreams have now come true, you can bathe in chocolate! Experience natural chocolate aromas in your shower with moisturizing cocoa butter & cacao powder. Cacao powder is crushed from the dried seeds, which are also used to make cocoa butter. This bar nourishes the skin during it's sweet experience.

Anise and Fennel

Bold licorice aromas distinguish this soap from the others, although commonly it has great medicinal properties. Anise & Fennel essential oils have antiseptic & stimulating benefits on the skin giving it a natural healthy glow & boosting the immune system. 

Cinnamon and Cedar wood

A spicy & woodsy mix ideal for the natural man, who cares for his skin. Cedar wood provides the woody smell, soothes irritated skin, helps control oily skin, & is an antiseptic. Cinnamon spices it up a bit, get's your blood flowing, & has anti-bacterial properties. *Cinnamon essential oil can be irritating to some skin types, although we use very little, we don't recommend for sensitive skin.  

Orange and Clove

Lively up your shower and experience a spicy citrus cleanse! Orange and Clove pair together to bring life to your refreshing shower. The essential oils have medicinal properties increasing blood flow & making skin look healthy. This soap is useful for acne, but not recommended for extremely sensitive skin. Rejuvenate and stimulate your skin with our Orange & Clove soap. 


To enter in the giveaway click here