Herb'N Eden Subscription is here!!

Herb'N Eden Subscription is here!!

If you've checked out our website recently, you might have noticed a option available, subscription. We knew we had to add this to make your soap fix a little easier. Thankfully, you have made the decision to support a small business versus conveniently going to the store.We're doing our part to make this as convenient as possible. 

With the subscription service, you customize your order to receive your favorite soaps as often as you like without thinking about it. We know the best seller is by far Activated Charcoal, you can get it shipped to you monthly. Now you don't have to go without having a bar of your favorite soap!

To get started click on the soap of your choice and click the subscribe button. Along with your subscription, you save 15%! Select how often you would like your soap shipped, this ranges from monthly to every six months. You can select the quantity if you want more than one of that same soap. Otherwise if you want another variety, you have to go to each product individually and add it to your subscription service.

We are so excited to finally getting around to this, as we have been talking about it for awhile now! Words can't express how grateful we are for the continued support of life long customers.

To subscribe go to www.herbneden.com