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Herb'N Eden Receives $1.2M Investment to Accelerate Growth

Herb'N Eden Receives $1.2M Investment to Accelerate Growth

After unprecedented growth in 2020, Herb'N Eden has received a $1.2M investment from Mercantile Venture Capital, with participation from The Core Venture Studio. Quinton and Terran Lewis founded the direct to consumer brand in 2015 to bring natural skincare products to conscious consumers. 

This new funding will amplify efforts to scale the business, enabling them to efficiently meet the demands of their rapidly growing community without sacrificing what makes them so successful: the in-house, small batch production of their all natural skincare products.

"Through our tremendous growth, it's important for us to remain true to our formulas and provide quality products that work" says Terran Lewis. "We know Black-owned businesses face challenges around funding and equitable partnerships. We feel eager for the opportunity to work with seasoned investors that are aligned in supporting the impact we want to have on our community."

James Harris, managing partner at Core Ventures notes that the pandemic tested their resiliency. "From $260,000 in 2019 to $4M in 2021, during the pandemic, is remarkable." He further states, "Their ability to scale their company while remaining exclusively direct to consumer drove Core & Mercantile's decision to invest in the Herb'N Eden team." 

Herb'N Eden began with grassroots efforts at local farmer's markets around Atlanta. Quinton & Terran wanted to introduce a natural alternative to commercial brands that lined store shelves filled with harsh chemicals. To address common skin issues like eczema, dry skin, and hyperpigmentation, their solution was to create products made exclusively from plants. "My greatest mission is to utilize the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, which only come from plants, for the mind, body, and soul," says Terran Lewis. 

"It's amazing to see the community of supporters we've garnered in such a short amount of time," says Quinton. "The people have always made this possible, it's exciting and fulfilling for us to serve the community with natural products. We have always valued being transparent and authentic in our mission."

This investment will be allotted for accelerating product category expansion, optimizing internal operations, enhancing performance marketing, and upgrading web development. Herb'N Eden plans to establish various teams led by industry veterans to further its efforts in becoming one of the leaders in the direct to consumer natural skincare space. 


Apr 30, 2022 • Posted by Gwendolyn Dorsey

Congratulations to yall, I tried the sample pack of soaps and fell in love with them. I will be buying the regular size soaps and can’t wait to try your other products.

Apr 07, 2022 • Posted by LISA HARRIS

CONGRATULATIONS to you both. So well deserved. It’s been really exciting watching your journey! And, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!

Apr 05, 2022 • Posted by Jennifer Mayugba

I’m so glad to hear that your hard work and dedication to your product are paying off. I, too, become a customer through the free sample pack. I rarely buy anything through an ad, let alone soap or body care, but I saw all the sincere positivity in the comments and in your short video reels. I’m so happy that I tried them. Your soap really lifts my spirits and treats my skin with great care. Instant fan! I was thinking the other day, what if I wasn’t able to get your soap anymore? Looks like I’m not going to have to worry so much about that now! All my best for your products to remain at their current level of wonderful, but for more people to discover them. 🌻

Apr 04, 2022 • Posted by Cynthia Beard

I loved your products from the first time I tried them. My grandson loves them too!! I am so happy for your growth and the investment that you received to keep maintaining and growing your business. It is not easy running a business but you two have shown what resiliency truly is by working hard and trusting the process.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Apr 03, 2022 • Posted by Jonne Butler

I placed an order on March 27th I received it April 2nd and I am missing 1 item in my order

Apr 02, 2022 • Posted by Sharon

Congratulations to the H&E team.. you pushed through all obstacles to make your brand known within and the internet global community.

As a small business owner this is wonderful news to not give up and stay true to your brand..

Apr 02, 2022 • Posted by Paula


Do you guys offer stock options in the event you go public or are bought out by a larger company like Unilever for an example? You guys are really growing and I love your products and would like to be a part of it in some small way.

Apr 02, 2022 • Posted by Melanie S. Coleman

This is awesome news! Continued success, exponential growth and prosperity to you both! Love the products – thank you.

Apr 02, 2022 • Posted by TRACY

I pray for many more blessings. When the production was slow you still overcame. I patiently waited for my orders because I had faith in your products. Loved all the products I have tried and will restock when low and also continue to share.

Thanks for staying consistent with your product line.

Apr 02, 2022 • Posted by John Briscoe

Stumbled across your advertisement on Instagram a few months ago and my spirit told me to give it a try. I usually don’t act on Instagram advertising. Tried the sample pack and instantly went to ordering! Went from ordering for me to ordering for my whole family and for my Mother. She loves the products as well. Received my 4th order yesterday!! Congratulations on this investment. Love your passion and energy and down to earth personalities.

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