Healing Herbs & Remedies for treating Eczema

Healing Herbs & Remedies for treating Eczema

Eczema is by far one of the most common skin diseases that most people deal with. My experiences with it have shown up on my fingers as red, scaly, & itchy skin. It is characterized as a non-contagious inflammatory disease of the skin. Rashes appear as dry patches, burning and inflamed red patches, or oozing wet patches. Either way it can be quite aggravating to endure.

 Holistically eczema is seen as an external manifestation to internal imbalances. Meaning that if something isn’t quite right inside, the skin reacts with these un-welcomed symptoms. The medical prescription method answers this problem by prescribing steroid creams, which suppress inflammation temporarily without addressing the root issue.

 Through herbal remedies and self care prevention methods, eczema can be reduced and even non-existent. It’s important to find what causes your issue of eczema to flare up. This can be due to many factors such as improper diet, blood toxicity, constipation, stress, unresolved emotions, environment, clothing, detergents, & synthetic fragrances just to name a few. 

 Awareness of the whole body internally and externally helps the healing process tremendously. One must be diligent and patient with the process, to see and appreciate the results. 


Healing herbs for eczema 

There are a variety of herbs that effectively treat eczema, here’s a few:


 One of my favorite herbs! It is very gentle and soothing for all skin types especially sensitive skin. The flower is often infused into an oil, salve, or soap (in my case) to speed the healing of rashes. Calendula is antiseptic, cleansing, & detoxifying for the skin. Infuse the flower for at least two weeks in healing oils such as olive, sunflower, or avocado oil. 


Oatmeal is skin softening, moisturizing, & a natural cleanser. Simply add oats to your bath water or use in an oatmeal soap. When it comes to soap be certain to check the ingredients too many solvents and detergents listed is no bueno. The simpler the better.


The epitome of simple is, aloe Vera gel. It can be applied directly to the skin from the leaf or bottle, whatever is convenient for you. Massage the gel into affected areas for its cooling and cleansing properties. The gel also makes for a great moisturizer and skin cell regenerator.


Also known as wild clover, red clover is renowned for treating skin conditions. It helps to nourish and cool the blood and skin. Cooling is important for inflammation. Red Clover can be wild harvested, in places where it grows abundantly. Be cautious of areas sprayed with pesticides or by roadsides. As with calendula, red clover can be infused in oil and made into a salve for rashes. Combine red clover, calendula, rose petals, nettle, & comfrey to make a healing warm compress for affected areas.


These two work better as a pair when it comes to eczema and purifying the blood. Together the herbs detox & tone the liver, which filters blood. This stimulates a release of waste products from the blood. As mentioned above blood toxicity can be a trigger for flare ups. Cleaner blood equals healthy skin. Burdock & Dandelion tea can be drank 1-3 times daily for desired effect.


Self care for preventing flare ups

 Eczema can be looked at as the the internal body crying out for you to pay attention to yourself. There are a few key practices for maintaining a healthy temple susceptible to eczema flare ups.


You don’t just moisturize with any old thing! If you deal with eczema your body deserves special care. The best & safest way to moisturize your skin is with plant oils & butters. You just have to find which one works best for you. Some good pure ones to start with are olive oil, evening primrose oil, neem oil, or jojoba oil. A beneficial plant oil easily penetrates the skin without clogging pores. 

 Keeping the skin moisturized helps to combat dryness and brittleness. Infused herbal oils such as calendula are highly effective. Apply a moisturizing body butter or oil after baths and showers. 


I know it may be hard to believe, but stress is just not good for you. It can not only affect you emotionally, but physically as well! Reflect on the stressors in your life be it your job, home life, people, and figure out how to better manage them or let it go. A common reaction to stress for those with eczema is inflammation & itching.

 Find practices that you enjoy doing daily, which can help relieve stress. Meditation, yoga, exercise, writing, simply taking a break can work wonders. Avoid negative vibes & align yourself with what eases your mind. Be mindful that peace is found within, adjust that inner imbalance, so that it reflects in your outer world.


Really grasp the meaning of this statement, what you put into your body affects you in every way. Certain things you eat, surely affect eczema. Common foods that eczema reacts to include fried foods, junk foods, sugary drinks.


Pretty much with eczema you have to be disciplined or else inflammation will occur.  For breastfeeding mamas this is even more important because these negative habits and effects are passed on to our babies. They in turn have infantile eczema occurring in their precious skin. Eating a healthy well balanced diet, drinking immune strengthening teas and plenty of water ensures health and wellbeing. Plenty of green veggies and getting creative with healthy dishes. Let the kitchen be your place of healing.


This cannot be stressed enough. Your temple needs to be hydrated within to reflect glowing supple skin on the outside. Water helps to flush out unwanted toxins and it makes up a large percentage of our bodies. Consuming fresh fruits, vegetable juices, & herbal teas are other beneficial ways to increase your daily water intake as well. Eczema is characterized by dry skin, so hydration for the whole body is essential.

 Eczema effects many, but anyone dealing with it has the power to heal themselves. I look at it, as a reaction that signals you to alter your lifestyle accordingly. Healing herbs such as aloe and calendula, plus many more can help maintain healthy skin. Always read the ingredients of products you use on your skin to avoid detergents and toxic ingredients that will just further aggravate eczema. Most importantly stay away from stressful negative vibes, only good vibes are welcomed into your space!