Connect with Mother Nature

Connect with Mother Nature

We used to be connected, who detached us?

-Nipsey Hustle

Smart phone culture has taken over, amongst many other technological distractions that have taken us away from nature. Within my research of holistic skincare I've come to find that we are also disconnected from using the Earth's natural resources to help us maintain healthy skin and internal body systems. Cheap fillers, and harmful synthetic ingredients flood store shelves with prices that are too tempting to pass up.

We put our trust in big corporations to have our health in their best interest. I had someone ask me the other day if I've always lived a holistic lifestyle. My reply was no. Growing up I never knew that you could make soap, natural products, or let alone eat fresh grown food. I have so much gratitude for the shift that has happened in my life to open me up to a new way of living. One that has a new perspective as to how the Earth provides all that we need.

The Flower of Life

There are so many lessons to be learned by nature, such as receiving from the Earth and returning back unto it. The logo for Herb’ N Eden is the flower of life. The flower of life design is simple and complex at the same time. Within it are a series of interlinking circles, which form a flower symbol in the middle.

Flowers are plants that often have healing properties, or are just pleasing to the eye. They represent growth and seasonal changes. Flowers grow from seed and return unto the Earth to make great fertilizer for the their seedlings and other plants. Naturally they perform the cycle of life and help other living beings throughout their cycle.

The shape known as a circle is significant because it’s never ending. It represents a cycle, in which the beginning and end have no definition. It also represents connection, each individual circle linking together to form a whole. This reminds me of a song by my favorite musician, Lauryn Hill, called Everything is Everything. There is a time and season for everything. It’s hard not to notice the cycles of the seasons, they come and go in their due time. Same thing for the sun and moon.

Health is the Real Wealth

Every living being has it’s purpose within this ecosystem. As human beings our purpose is to live in harmony with nature. The best healing comes from being in tune with Mother Earth. Her soil brings forth life, which trades our carbon dioxide for oxygen so we can breathe. The soil also produces thriving foods vital to life. Clays, salts, herbs and their byproducts are gifts given to us out of love.

It is our divine right to use these offerings in order to heal and maintain our temples. When it comes to our body temple everything is surely connected as well. In fact the skin is an outside reflection of what’s going on inside the body, the things we can’t see, but feel.

Love thy Self

The skin is composed of layers containing blood vessels and cells. Whatever toxins and waste aren’t removed from the body through urination and bowel movements, comes through the skin. This is due to the toxins going into the blood stream.

So many people suffer from skin problems such as acne and eczema, not realizing that they are manifestations of hormonal and dietary imbalances. Herbs and a clean diet help to maintain a healthy body. A holistic way of life is essential to understanding that the whole being must be healed and functioning at its best.

Take special care of the mind, body, & spirit. Together they function as one and make us who we are. External wellness of the skin is incomplete without internal wellness. The Earth has provided natural resources for us, all we have to do is honor that through our utilization of them. Be patient with your journey of self care. When you want the best for yourself, healing will align with you. Know that everything is connected, & we are One.