Cleansing Benefits of Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal bar soap with hand

Activated Charcoal is deeply cleansing as it penetrates the pores and absorbs oil dirt and toxins. I liken it to a magnet or one of those like Etch-a-sketch things where everything just kind of goes along with the magnet; that is activated charcoal before your skin. Removing these toxins helps to clear up scars from acne, as well as help oily and combination skin.

That's why we use it in two of our most popular products, which are going to be our activated charcoal bar soap and our activated charcoal face wash. Both of these are infused with peppermint, which is refreshing and cooling which can really, really help after a deep cleanse. It really can help you to feel very, very cleansed. We highly recommend both of these products for your face, and you can even use these for your full body after a really hot day.

Activated charcoal: deeply, deeply cleansing.

Terran, co-founder


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