Embracing mindful living with natural products

Embracing mindful living with natural products

The biggest thing I've learned since starting the Herb'N Eden brand is the power of mindful living. What do I mean by mindful living? Just living in the present each moment every day. Not letting the stresses of life overtake you. Not focusing too much on the past or future. You can't do anything about the past and the future isn't here yet, but we have the opportunity to shape it into whatever we want. 

Running this business has been such a valuable learning experience for me. Just studying our entire industry, from natural oils to essential oils, building out a system, I enjoy the entire process. Sometimes I go through times when I can be so consumed that I neglect taking care of myself. My wife will have to fight with me just to get me to go to a beautiful park because I'm so focused on the business, answering emails, fulfilling orders, shipping orders (huge stickler about this one), ordering material, managing inventory, making a product, and the list goes on and on. And after all the pettiness, I will go to the park and have an amazing time. Something that I truly needed. My wife and nature always remind me to take time to take care of myself. 

Based on the picture you would ask yourself, why wouldn't you want to see such a beautiful view? I wasn't being mindful. I wasn't living in the moment. Reacting instead of responding. But as you can see it was definitely a great sight to see in nature to be reminded. And be grateful for everything that I have. Take a deep breath. You will find that sometimes you weren't breathing. 

(It took 600+ steps to see this view so excuse my face. I was exhausted lol! It was a much needed sweat.)

In mindful living, I have to consider taking care of myself and my health. And that certainly includes mentally and spiritually. The way I eat is extremely important. I told myself I want to live for a long time so I must concentrate on what I put in my body and what I put on my body. These are indeed things that are achieved on a day to day through our habits. 

Herb'N Eden represents this from the aspect of using a natural product that has essentials oils, natural oils and herbs in your everyday life because its soap and we all use soap. It is known that herbs are essential to life and our well being and what better way to absorb the essence of plants than in your soap. Your skin takes it all in. That's being mindful of what you put on your body. 


At Herb'N Eden we always want to be transparent in everything whether that be through our process in showing you how our soap is made, to our ingredients, or whether it be how we deal with certain things as people and we like to share them with you. We want to be mindful to take care of ourselves so that we can better serve you. 

How do you practice being mindful in your day today?