Herb'N Eden April Feature in We Are Onyx Beauty Box

Herb'N Eden April Feature in We Are Onyx Beauty Box

Let me start by saying Instagram is a powerful tool for connecting with like minded brands! As I was searching for subscription boxes to feature Herb'N Eden soaps, I came across We Are Onyx. I quickly realized this was one of the top subscription boxes having been featured in Allure, Refinery 29, Essence, & Buzzfeed just to name a few. Their concept is to be an all in one beauty destination for Black Women! We Are Onyx actually reached out to me on Instagram as I was checking them out, so it must have been destined. 

We eventually worked out a partnership and prepared to make 4,000 Activated Charcoal bars! We had about 5 weeks to make it happen, not to mention this was our largest order yet. The opportunity was too good to pass up, so we took on the challenge. Boy was it a challenge! Thankfully we made it through with the help of friends and family.

Closer to the delivery date we realized that we didn't have enough time to ship the soaps. We still had to complete the tedious task of wrapping each soap, which was going to take at least a week. My husband Quinton and I, decided that we could do a Go Fund Me to deliver the soaps ourselves to good ol' California!

We planned for the campaign to run a week, until it was time for us to leave. The support we received was overwhelming, we raised our goal of $3,000 in 2 days! A week later Quinton, our brother Ismail, and I were off to California delivering the precious 4,000 bars. Our Cali trip was quite the experience, we can now check driving across country off our bucket lists! The land of America is beautiful.

It was a pleasure to directly meet the team behind We Are Onyx. We were so happy to successfully complete our end of getting the soaps to California safely. It could not have been done without the help of everyone who contributed and supported us along the way. We've since built a relationship with the We Are Onyx team and we will soon be a staple in their online store as well!

We have received so much positive feedback from Onyx Box subscribers, we are so grateful! As the month of April closes out, we are reflecting on how far we've come and it's all good! We strive to create a natural alternative to chemical laden soaps. Our bars have few ingredients with skin nourishing plant based oils and herbs. We're glad that others can share in our movement to promote natural products that love on your skin!