All Natural Lip Scrub

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herb’neden is leveling up! We’ve told you about the importance of exfoliating your skin to best absorb your products and now we have something special for your lips. You’ll love our new lip scrub made with therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and solar infused oils for healing benefits. 

Gently Exfoliating 

Brown sugar is great for exfoliating, hydrating, and overall improving the appearance of the skin, leaving it radiant and elastic. Exfoliating is vital to absorbing the products you use and seeing the best results. According to Heathline  gently exfoliating your lips can remove dead skin cells that can otherwise prevent your lip balm from reaching and moisturizing the new skin underneath the flaky areas.

Provide long lasting results

Honey is an antibacterial humectant, packed with antioxidants, locking in the moisture all day keeping your lips luscious. Heathline states that  honey can help moisturize your lips and protect cracked lips from infection. It also works as a mild exfoliator and can help remove dry, dead skin from your lips.


With the rich and nourishing oils of vanilla, vitamin E and jojoba our lip scrubs will exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 

Vanilla essential oil can help slow down signs of aging, clear acne, and be a remedy for dry, dull skin. The oil is antibacterial, hydrating, nourishing and full of antioxidants, vitamins, and the phenolic compound vanillin to promote overall skin health. 

Vitamin E oil is especially nourishing to your skin as an essential nutrient and antioxidant  with anti inflammatory properties. Vitamin E oil works to protect and overall promote healthy skin. 

Jojoba Oil closely resembles the skin's natural oils and adds an extra layer of protection, maintaining suppleness.

Our new lip scrub made with all natural ingredients for quality results is great for both nourishing and exfoliating. Prepare to fall in love with our new lip scrub that guarantees soft, healthy lips. Pair this scrub with our vanilla lip balm for kissable and hydrated lips.