A guide to gifting natural skin care products

The holiday shopping season is here. If you have a long list of people to buy gifts for, you’ve probably spent some time thinking of gifts that are easy to get yet thoughtful and practical. Natural skincare products meet all of those requirements. Everybody uses some type of skincare product in their daily routine. The essential oils smell enticing and soothing, which elevates a regular skincare routine to a mood-enhancing experience the receiver can have every day. It’s the perfect gift idea if you ask me.

Matching the right natural product with each person on your list can be a challenge. Between remembering what scents certain people love or hate and guessing what type of skin each person has, it can be tough to make a decision. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect fit when gifting natural skincare products.

Go with gentler products

Gifting natural products over commercial ones is already a step ahead because commercial products are made with harsh ingredients and the last thing you want is for your gift to cause a breakout. That said, even with natural skincare products, you should stick to those that are suitable for sensitive skin. That way the receiver gets all the nutrients of a natural product without risking possible skin sensitivities. 

Remember, what works for your skin may not be OK for those on your list. Try not to shop based on your own skin type or challenges. Instead, make your selections based on the nutrients you want to share with the recipients. I suggest gentle moisturizers like body butters that replenish the skin with soft ingredients like lavender and chamomile. Mild soaps are also a safe option. Our oatmeal honey soap is a gentle exfoliant that can be used on the entire body. Our coconut and kaolin clay soap is a gentle detoxifier and moisturizer that we recommend for sensitive skin.

Scents for him and her

Don’t shy away from treating the guys on your list to natural skincare products. Men and women have the same needs when it comes to skincare. The benefits of switching to natural skincare products are immediate and life-changing in some cases. The men on your list will appreciate the results even if they don’t currently invest much into their skincare routine.

For men, I suggest products with outdoorsy scents like lemongrass, patchouli, cedarwood, and sage. A scentless soap like our coconut and kaolin clay or activated charcoal are also good suggestions.

Women tend to appreciate floral scents more, but you don’t want to give something that smells too strong, especially if you’re not sure what scents she likes. If you’re not sure or don’t know at all, I suggest going with products with a light scent like lavender, or no scent like our chamomile and calendula soap. 

Don’t shop based on skin types and conditions

Natural skin care products give the skin what it needs to be healthy and glowing. If someone on your list is having a specific skin challenge like breakouts or eczema, gifting them a product or gift set that especially for their condition can be offensive and embarrassing for them to receive. Of course, your intentions are good, but skin problems come with all kinds of insecurities that should be handled gently. 

If someone on your list has a specific skin challenge, get them a gift card instead of making the choice of how to alleviate their challenge for them. This way you’re still giving them the wonderful gift of natural skin care products and they can privately choose what they need for their skin.

Bundle up this holiday season

To make gifting our products easier, we’ve packaged our most popular items as kits that make perfect gift sets.