Herb'N Eden's Solution To Sensitive Skin

Herb'N Eden's Solution To Sensitive Skin

With the release of our anticipated new bars, we may have stumbled across the solution to sensitive skin. We are frequently asked, "which one of your bars is best for sensitive skin and it's hard to pick one out because we hand pick each ingredient for its skin benefits.

 The best answer was simple, a coconut oil bar. Along with creamy coconut milk, this firm bar nourishes the skin with so many benefits.  This bar is perfect for those hesitant to try a new soap due to sensitive skin.

 No essential oil is added to the bar, making this the perfect choice for children's sensitive skin. We would even recommend this bar for newborn babies and toddlers due to the minimal amount of ingredients. The creamy lather will do wonders to baby's skin, retaining their natural oils.

 We're keeping it all the way simple, even with the budget friendly price of $3.99. When you bundle the bars you receive a better deal. Experience a simple moisturizing clean, with our coconut bar. 


Coming this March.