The spring detox you need for healthy skin

Spring cleaning season is here and there's no better time to detox your body. Think about it: most of us have been eating heartily throughout the winter months. No judgment here. It's been a good winter.

Detoxing every now and then is beneficial for your body no matter your diet. Especially for clearer skin. As you detox, your body rids itself of toxins that come from our diet and our environment. Some of those toxins come through the skin.

WARNING: as toxins pass through the skin, they can cause breakouts. It may get worse before it gets better. These easy detoxes can help facilitate the process and get you on the path to clearer skin.

Detoxing showers and baths


Activated charcoal soap is one example. Soaps made with clays such as Bentonite, Kaolin, or Rhassoul are also good for removing toxins. For a detox bath, add Dead Sea or Himalayan pink salt and apple cider vinegar to your water and soak yourself for 20-30 minutes.We're constantly sweating and shedding dead skin cells while replenishing new ones. Showers and baths wash away dirt and grime. You can elevate the detoxing effects of your showers and baths by using natural soaps made with detoxing ingredients. 

Detoxing with lemon or lime water

You should start every day with a glass of water. Water flushes out toxins in your digestive system, and the beginning of the day after fasting in your sleep all night is the best time to detox the body. Add slices of lemon or lime to your water to remove toxins from your liver, which filters toxins from your blood. Talk about glowing skin.

Sweating to detox the skin

Sweating serves multiple purposes, including flushing dirt and grime from your pores. Sweating isn't pretty, but it's natural and it's necessary. Get out and break a sweat regularly to keep this natural detox going.

Eat high-fiber foods

Fiber is key for cleansing the colon and keeping digestion fluid throughout the body. This aids with keeping your skin clear as some foods can cause breakouts.

There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers dissolve in water and create a soothing gel substance, which aids elimination. Some example sources are oatmeal, cucumber, carrots, lentils, beans, apples, & pears. Chia seeds, flax seeds, & psyllium husks can be added to smoothies and food for extra fiber. Insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve or absorb in water, so it helps speed the elimination process. Dark leafy greens are a great source, as well as brown rice, cabbage, grapes, brussels sprouts, & broccoli. Get creative with rice bowls and create vibrant plates of tasty fibrous foods.

Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas help to flush the urinary tract with diuretic herbs and detox various body systems. Most grocery stores carry a healthy option of ready-made tea packets. Teas made with peppermint, turmeric, dandelion, & burdock aid with detox. You can drink them 1-3 times a day, mixed with your natural sweetener of choice.

Consistency is key to everything that has to do with clear skin. Pick a detoxing habit that works for you and really stick to it for the best results.