3 Reasons Herb'N Eden loves Essential Oils

3 Reasons Herb'N Eden loves Essential Oils


Essential oils have this unspoken magic for drawing people into their distinct aromas. They are the pure essence of the leaves, roots, stem, bark, flowers and peels. Known for their healing properties throughout ancient history, essential oils reputation seems to get better with time. Herb'N Eden only uses therapeutic grade essential oils, since they have the power to heal simply with the sense of smell. Here's 3 reasons Herb'N Eden loves essential oils.


Just as it sounds, there are therapeutic benefits from simply smelling or applying a small amount of essential oil. Inhaling the oils directly effects the brain which reacts differently to each extract. Lavender, one of the most popular essential oils, relaxes the mind, whereas grapefruit, uplifts the mind and mood. When essential oils are added topically, they are absorbed into the bloodstream aiding our body system. It's amazing how they can alter our moods and help release various stresses we experience.

Helps improve skin

Essential oils have the ability to help improve various skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Although most are volatile and highly concentrated, some can be applied directly to the skin. Tea Tree, for example, can be applied neat to the skin and has amazing cleaning properties. Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal benefits, making them ideal for body products.

Versatility of uses

No matter what natural product you can think of, essential oils can be added. Toothpastes, deodorants, body creams, you name it. Essential oils add that natural healing feel to anything used to care for the skin. The whole body can benefit from their use, essential oils interact with the mental, physical, and spiritual.

3 reasons define why we love essential oils. The pure essence of plants couldn't be more natural. Essential oils are the key player in aromatherapy healing the mind and body. Their ability to improve skin conditions is an age old practice. The versatility of essential oils make them a vital ingredient in most body products. Keep your skincare natural with essential oils.