3 bacteria-fighting soaps that won't leave your hands dry

Anybody else washing their hands 10 times more than usual now?

We can't be too careful these days when it comes to protecting ourselves against virus-causing bacteria.

But what are all of those harsh ingredients in your commercial soap and hand sanitizer doing to your skin?

Look at your hands right now. Are they dry? Do they feel rough?

Washing and sanitizing your hands shouldn't be at the sacrifice of your skin. Try these bacteria-fighting soaps that are gentle on the hands.

Tea Tree and Turmeric

Tea Tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which is a natural antibacterial agent. It deeply penetrates the pores to remove toxins and bacteria. 

Turmeric contains curcumin which gives turmeric its yellow color. The curcumin is what gives turmeric its antiseptic, anti-cancer, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties. 

This soap also has coconut oil, palm oil, and Shea butter to keep your hands soft and moisturized.

Rosemary and Lavender

Rosemary oil is thought to weaken the cell walls of antibiotic-resistant bacteria — not only damaging them but also enabling antibiotics to enter. Rosemary oil is readily absorbed into your bloodstream when you apply them to your skin. 

Lavender oil reduces wrinkles and aids in reducing eczema and dry skin. 

Lemongrass and Patchouli

Lemongrass has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. And just like it's cousin the lemon, it also has antiseptic properties that tones and purifies the skin.

Patchouli oil stimulates the growth of new skin, which promotes healthy, vibrant skin.

Don't forget to moisturize after washing your hands. Keep one of our body butters in your house and a travel-size jar with you to apply after you wash your hands.